Burn it down to the ground

Somehow you ended up at this page…

And I can tell you… There’s a reason for that. It means you are truly ready to set everything on fire that doesn’t serve you any more. You are ready to rise up from the ashes and become the real you.

It’s time to transform!

I take you on an amazing journey. On this journey you’ll see places you’ve never been before and meet people who will open your eyes and help you through difficulties. They will support you no matter what and have your back when you need them.

You don’t have to go through this all alone. I’ll stand by your side and guide you in the right direction. Sometimes we’ll sail in stormy waters, but we’ll also visit paradise-like places. It’s gonna be amazing!

Are you ready to go on a trip with me?

I promise you it’ll be the ride of your life. You’ll have lots of fun and explore each and every corner of this amazing planet we live on.

And… While travelling, you’ll discover more and more about yourself as well. The experiences you’ll have will change you for the rest of your life. You’ll have an entirely different backpack you take with you. It will be filled with magic and miracles. And these miracles are yours to give to anyone else in this world. It’s a never ending journey and you will be the light that brings back the sparks of joy and magic in all the people around you. You will change the world with the gifts you have to share.

Are you ready to discover and find all the treasures in the world?!

Then you are more than welcome to join me on this magical adventure! Hop on board of ‘The Truth‘ and let it take you anywhere you are supposed to be.

About the Rise of the phoenix

This 3-month program will take you on a healing journey in a fun way. It’s an adventurous storyline where you are a passenger on ‘The Truth’. During the trip you’ll visit many islands, all with their own specific traits and people who will teach you their lessons. The program is filled with all sorts of exercises, video’s and meditations that will help you to get in contact with your feelings and intuition, but also with the you who’s living inside of you and who is ready to come out with all the treasures she is carrying with her. She is here on a mission and she wants you to know and experience that.

You receive

  • 3 month program

  • Healing storyline

  • All sorts of exercises

  • Guided meditations

  • Videos

  • Message from the heart

  • Personal message from Magical Whispers

  • Personal coaching optional

Rise of the phoenix

Price: € 161,61

I rise

Rise up from the ashes because you are destined to shine!