Let your symptoms guide you

Pain… Grief… Sadness… Laughter… It’s all inside of you. The happy stories ánd the not so happy stories.

In your life, you’ve been through many things. Some people have been through more than others, but almost, if not all people, have experienced situations that were somehow unpleasant. These experiences leave scars inside and outside your body. Your body stores them in order for you not to feel them any more. To prevent you from having pain.

But now it is time for you to release these painful situations. You are ready now. More than ready actually!

These stories have stopped you from feeling and becoming the true you. If you release your pain, your anger or whatever it is that is blocking you, you will be able to feel more. And not just the nasty things. You will be able to feel true happiness. Your life will deepen itself and you’ll become more and more the person who you truly are. Isn’t that something you would love to feel?!

Hop on board and experience true living!

About the learn to feel experience

In this 4-week program I tell you all about symptoms, emotions, feelings, trauma, how to release the uncomfortable and how to embrace and invite wanted experiences. Every week there’s a different theme with matching background information, exercises, meditations and more. And as a bonus you’ll receive a personalized message from the heart as well somewhere along the journey.

You receive

  • 4 week program ‘learn to feel experience’

  • … page e-book

  • Exercises

  • Guided meditations

  • Videos

  • Message from the heart

Learn to feel experience

Price: € 55,-

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