So you think you can’t write?!

As you maybe know, I became a writer out of the blue. I’d always hated writing in school, was very insecure about what and how to write, because of all the (supposed) rules. And now it is my biggest hobby and I love it!

Can you believe that?!

So you think you don’t know what to write? Guess again… You do! I’m sure about that. But… There’s probably a little bottleneck somewhere that prevents you from writing.

In this course I teach you how to explore this bottleneck and get rid of it. Step by step you’ll learn to find your tone of voice, your own unique handwriting.

Your own soul story

And eventually… You will be able to write your own soul story! Maybe it’s a fairy tale, maybe a novel or a sci-fi story. You have a unique talent ánd a unique story!

Find your story, express yourself and write your own happy ending! The world needs to hear your story. Now is the time!

What is it you have to say?

You receive

  • 1 month program

  • Writing exercises

  • Videos

  • Guided meditations

  • Soul story

My happy ending

Price: € 111,11


Find the storyteller in you