Unique colors

Do you know that each and every human being has its own unique colors? Colors that represent their inner and outer beauty? These colors can help you tune in to yourself. By surrounding yourself with these colors, you help yourself to express yourself and show the real you.

Do you want to know your true colors? Let me create an energetic color painting for you.

See if you like these colors. Do you already use them a lot? Or do you hate (some of) the colors and why is that? What do the colors represent to you?

You can use the colors for your own website, clothing, decoration or however you feel like using them. In one of the examples below you can see my true colors. As you can see, I intuitively used similar colors for this website without even knowing these were my colors. And… I added some extra colors just to spice things up. Be creative!

How it works?

Send me your name and your date of birth and I create a personalized painting (using e-coline 🙂 brush markers) which I will send to you through e-mail.

You receive

  • Energetic color painting

True colors

Price: € 77,77

I express

Some examples

true colors example 2
true colors example 3

Show your true colors!