Fairy tale

Do you want to know the purpose of your life? The reason you came here in the first place? Let me help you a little with that.

You tell me your name and I write you a story, a fairy tale, about your life and your mission here on earth.

In the fairy tale lies the secret to your soul story. And you are the only one who knows exactly what the signs in the story mean. Only you can unravel its biggest secrets and mysteries. Follow your intuition and listen to the soft and gentle whispers in between the lines. There’s a well hidden message somewhere in there.

Are you ready to discover it?

Then send me your name and your date of birth and I’ll send you an e-mail with a personalized fairy tale that matches you and your soul. This can take up to a week to create, so please have a little patience.

You receive

  • Personalized fairy tale

Soul story

Price: € 77,-

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