Receive a message

By tuning in to you, I can receive a message I may share with you. Loving words, a poem, a story or whatever needs to be said at that moment.

Will you open up and receive the message that wants to be heard? Whatever happens, it’s fine. Know that this is exactly what needs to happen right now. You are where you need to be. Maybe you can receive it right now, maybe at another time.

Most people experience a form of relief, happiness or a gentle kick in the ass to do what they know they have to do.

What is it you need to hear?

How it works?

Send me your name and if you have a specific question or struggle, send it along with your name. I tune into you and send you the message by e-mail. Sometimes it can take up to a few days before I receive the message I may share with you, so please be a little patient. And if for whatever reason nothing comes through me, I will tell you and you receive your money back if we can’t figure out why there’s no message.

You receive

  • Personalized and attuned message from the heart

Message from the heart

Price € 33,-

I hear

Open up and receive