Imagine what could be

Let my voice guide you to places you’ve never been before. Create beauty around you by imagining what your life could be like. Or maybe there are some things that need to be left behind before you can move on and reálly enjoy life. Whatever your situations is, I have the perfect mediation for you. Choose yours intuitively and you will receive the answers you need at that moment.

Guided meditations

Why would you want to do a guided meditation? Well, a guided meditation can bring you into contact with your subconsciousness. It can show you your deeper longings, fears, wishes and blockages, your conscious mind doesn’t have access to. Guided meditations take you to a deeper level and they can inspire you or give you insights about struggles, but also dreams and steps to take.


My advice would be to choose your meditation intuitively and be open to whatever comes up. Sometimes an energy-release can happen during the meditation; you have to cry, feel angry or maybe you experience a sudden relief. Everyone is unique and receives answers and insights in a different way. Maybe you see clear images or you hear a voice talking to you. But it’s also possible your subconsciousness speaks to you in the form of symbolism or metaphors. It’s then up to you to figure out what the meaning is. Never doubt yourself in what way information comes to you and what the meaning is to you. It is also perfectly okay to fall asleep or to be distracted. Whatever happens, is probably what needs to happen at that moment.

You receive

  • Ancient tree

  • Cleansing waters

  • Stop for a minute

  • Put yourself first

  • Treasure island

  • Lucky you

  • Get up and speak!

Guided meditations

Price: € 11,11

I listen

Relax and keep your mind open