Are you wondering how you can enter a world where the answers you are looking for are waiting for you to be found? Maybe I can help you with that. A personalized message, story or color scheme or maybe a pack with guided meditations. Just use your intuition to see if and what catches your attention. I would love to open the door and show you the way so you know how to access it yourself later. Have fun discovering and exploring your inner world!

Guided meditations

Guided meditations

Let my voice guide you to places you’ve never been before. Create beauty around you by imagining and feeling what your life could be like. Or maybe there are some things that need to be left behind before you can move on and reálly enjoy life. Whatever your situation is, I have the perfect meditation for you. Choose yours intuitively and you will receive the answers you need at that moment.

  • Ancient tree

  • Cleansing waters

  • Stop for a minute

  • Put yourself first

  • Treasure island

  • Lucky you

  • Get up and speak!

Price: € 11,11

I listen

Message from the heart

Message from the heart

By tuning in to you, I can receive a message I may share with you. Loving words, a poem, a story or whatever needs to be said at that moment.

Will you open up and receive the message that wants to be heard? Whatever happens, it’s fine. Know that this is exactly what needs to happen right now. You are where you need to be. Maybe you can receive it right now, maybe at another time.

Most people experience a form of relief, happiness or a gentle kick in the ass to do what they know they have to do.

What is it you need to hear?

Price: € 33,-

I hear

Soul story

Do you want to know the purpose of your life? The reason you came here in the first place? Let me help you a little with that.

You tell me your name and I write you a story, a fairy tale, about your life and your mission here on earth.

In the fairy tale lies the secret to your soul story. And you are the only one who knows exactly what the signs in the story mean. Only you can unravel its biggest secrets and mysteries. Follow your intuition and listen to the soft and gentle whispers in between the lines. There’s a well hidden message somewhere in there.

Price: € 77,77

I understand

True colors

True colors

Do you know that each and every human being has its own unique colors? Colors that represent their inner and outer beauty? These colors can help you tune in more to the real you. By surrounding yourself with these colors, you help yourself to express yourself and show the real you.

Do you want to know your true colors? Let me create a color palette for you.

See if you like these colors. Do you already use them a lot? Or do you hate (some of) the colors and why is that? What do the colors represent to you?

Price: € 77,-

I express

Open up and receive