Get inspired to write, create and maybe even publish your own story. Or… Just enjoy reading the books I wrote for you 😉

Words aren’t just words. There’s an energy attached to it. Loving and inspiring words can help you transform your own life for the good. Hateful words can do the opposite. My books have an energy of love, healing and curiosity attached to it. They help you feel the love for yourself and inspire you to dive deep into your own soul to heal what is broken. I take you by the hand to find yourself without physically standing next to you. But know I always stand by your side energetically. By creating my books I send you my love, hope and joy.

The Truth books

The Truth – Angel’s story

A fairy tale about the consequences of early childhood trauma and the way to heal from it. Full of life lessons for children ánd adults. The most important lesson: there’s always hope for a bright and pleasant future, no matter what you’ve been through.

Launch: January 2021

Price: € 22,-

Find meaning
Magical Whispers books byMJ

Magical Whispers of the human body

A book full of magic and mysteries. Find out what your body has to say to you by speaking to you through its organs, tissues and structures. By listening, you might be able to hear the wisdom it wants to share with you so you can discover who you truly are.

Expected: March 2021

Price: € 33,33

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