Beyond your Medical Journey
Medical Journey

Who says trauma healing can’t be fun?!

Or at least a little fun…

Are you feeling left out? Like you are all alone? Nobody here on this planet who hears you nor understands you? Fighting through the days to survive? There are so many people, just like you, who feel miserable, ill or misunderstood.

But what if I told you there is hope? There is a way out. Not necessarily an easy way, but a way. Would you be willing to find this way and do whatever it takes to heal?

Then please, come along and join me on this magical journey! Because… even though healing from trauma can be really hard sometimes, it can and should be fun as well!

Let’s ease the pain little by little. Your life wíll be fun one day. I promise.

Magic doctor
Coline van Aartsen

Storytelling healer

Specialized in sexual abuse and the relationship between childhood trauma and the occurrence of diseases later in life.

My message to you is there is always hope no matter what you’ve been through in the past. Your life cán be light, exciting and playful once you find your own innocence back.

I can’t promise you a miraculous healing, but I cán promise you, you will be able to love and trust yourself more and more. And after all… Doesn’t love heal all wounds? That’s something I truly believe in. Don’t you?

Much love,

How can I help you?

Is there anything I can do to help you? There’s only one way to figure that out of course… 😉 Take a look at what I have to give and see for yourself whether my books, meditations or programs could be of any service to you. And don’t forget… Enjoy and have fun!

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Shine bright little star!

you deserve all the love and joy in the world

Join me on this Magical Journey!

Guided meditation

Guided meditation

Join me on this magical journey!